• Invest in your results through W² Coaching
  • Invest in your results through W² Coaching

Hi, I’m Yemi Penn motivational life coach and founder of W Squared Coaching. After having lived all my life in the UK, I relocated to Australia, which was practically on the other side of the safe, familiar world and I didn’t do it alone. I embarked on this adventure with my two children, who were then just seven months and seven years old.

In spite of traumatic events throughout my life, I have been empowered to use my voice to live not only a purposeful life but a life on my terms. I am a mechanical engineer by profession and an entrepreneur by passion! I have successfully opened and grown three small businesses and I know firsthand the importance of using coaching to set and stick to my goals, change my mindset, maintain a healthy work-life balance and wake up every day with the intention of being my best self.

Challenges over the course of my life created limiting beliefs that did just that…..limit me. I am now shattering these limitations as:

I have 2 beautiful well adjusted children
I co-parent well with my ex-husband
I have found raw, authentic love again
I have made my first million as a single parent
I practice gratitude daily as I am divinely blessed
I continue to develop my female hygiene product ‘Sani Save’ to hit the shops in 2020 to support women during that period

About W Squared Coaching

W Squared Coaching was created to empower individuals and companies to define their why and believe in themselves enough to achieve success while doing what they love.

Empowerment is not only about identifying your limiting beliefs but proactively turning things around for yourself. I am also passionate about teaching people to live mindfully and with gratitude. When you’re grounded, calm and taking care of yourself, it’s easier to connect with and achieve a purposeful and fulfilling life.

I share my proven techniques to turn your goals and dreams for your life, relationships, career and business into a reality. The fact is the majority of
people are following societies life memo, you know the one that tells you to go to school, get a job, get married, have kids and work really hard until retirement? At W Squared Coaching we believe in and support our clients to create their own memo and define their own success.

Who I work with

I work with people from all walks of life. I’ve helped entrepreneurs, CEO’s, small businesses, large companies, dreamers and stay at home mums.

Clients include F45 Training, Engineers Australia, Sydney Rail … and many more.

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