• Invest in your results through W² Coaching
  • Invest in your results through W² Coaching


Listen and connect with the unexpected stories of women and men living life on their terms, deviating from ‘the memo’ we call life, challenging the status quo and being successful in the process. This podcast series shares my journey and my drastic deviations from the memo including when I fell pregnant and was homeless at 24. It will mentor listeners on ways in which they can create their own version of the memo, specifically one that reflects their authentic self and vision.

We take conversations from the couch to the office and speak to women who choose careers over children and men who struggle with balancing ‘work’ and ‘family’. Daring to be vulnerable in the workplace and having the audacity to dream BIG. We discuss a story I know all too well of the single parent working hard to provide for their family and chasing the dream.

This podcast is jammed packed full of lessons, advice and inspiration for both the individual and the corporate world. With the empowering reminder to Live life on your terms.

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Has your life taken an unexpected sidestep? Have you encountered a roadblock or challenge and realised that no one has given you the instruction book to deal with it? In my upcoming book ‘Did You Get the Memo?’ I talk about venturing onto the entrepreneurship journey. I share some small yet powerful mindset hacks that have allowed me to quit my safe decent paying job to back myself 100% and start my own business, in spite of being a single mum. Life is short and we all should be doing the things that set our soul on fire. To say I am excited is an understatement! 10+ years in the making and I am proudly using my voice to revolutionise the way we stay authentic by speaking our truth.

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